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After not one person told Robin she was beautiful at her first wedding, including her groom, Robin developed a phobia and practically breaks out in hives whenever she even sees a wedding gown.  Her first gown was ill fitting, cheaply made, and did not reflect who Robin is.  Since this is her second wedding and she is in her 30’s, Robin wants to steer clear of ball gowns or gowns too “youthful”.  She wants something flowy and feminine and, above all, something that makes her feel beautiful.

With anxiety levels high, Robin was having trouble finding a gown she liked, let alone loved.  After Robin said “No” to every gown I chose, I felt that in order for Robin to really feel empowered, she needed to be the one to choose the gown.  So we went shopping.  On the very last rack, Robin spotted this beautiful mermaid gown from Matthew Christopher, and like that, she had found her gown.

Once I added a stunning headpiece and belt, Robin was ready to say “Yes” to the dress.  And after her reveal on the aisle of style, I can say without doubt that EVERYONE at Robin’s second wedding will tell her she looks beautiful.

My original rough sketch for Robin’s Bridal Blueprint.

Paul styled Robin’s hair to follow my blue print, leaving Robin’s hair down and curled to mimic the waves on the bottom of the gown.

This Desla Couture beaded belt added sparkle and bling to Robin’s look.

I chose this jeweled headpiece by Maria Elena to carry the sparkle up to Robin’s face.

A dramatic bouquet in vivid colors will be perfect for Robin’s art gallery wedding.






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