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Molly is a self-proclaimed tomboy who spends her days in scrubs and her nights in sweats.  She usually stays away from form fitted garments, but wonders if a fuller figure girl can pull this off for her wedding.  Molly is also concerned about having an extra large bust and what type of gown will give her support and look tasteful.

I chose this Tara Keely gown for Molly because I knew she would love the silhouette and lace, and I knew that the ruched bodice would be very flattering for her.

In this gown, Molly was able to see how beautiful of a woman she truly is.

My sketch for Molly’s Bridal Blueprint.

Since Molly does not usually wear makeup, Lesley wanted her to still look natural for her wedding day. So she used a soft application of blush to accent Molly’s great cheekbones and a soft red lipstick to show off her beautiful smile.

Not wanting a lot of bling, I chose these delicate crystal drop earrings from Thomas Knoell which added just the right amount of sparkle around Molly’s face.

A bouquet of larger flowers worked in overall proportion for Molly’s “Head to Hem” makeover.





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