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This Haley Paige gown was perfect for this bohemian, princess bride!

Waiting for me when my truck pulled up in Chicago was bohemian bride Maria.  While wanting to stay true to her own personal style, Maria also wanted to please her large Italian and Greek family.  But it’s double trouble for this bride, as she arrived with her mom Mary Ellen and her mom’s twin sister Kiki!  The only person with a bigger opinion than Maria’s mom was Kiki.  Although twins, they were the total opposites when it came to style.  Mary Ellen wore a conservative and classic long-sleeved lace gown for her wedding, while Kiki wore a short white leather mini dress for hers!

I put Maria in a ball gown with a rip-away skirt that I thought would please everyone.  Mom loved the ball gown and, when the skirt came off, Kiki’s reaction was priceless.  Maria, however, did not feel like “herself” in the gown.  Next Maria tried on a sherbet ball gown that everyone, including Maria, loved.  But there was still a gown in the dressing room that Maria felt was perfect for her bohemian style, and when she stepped into this Haley Paige gown with crystal straps, Maria knew it was “her” gown.  With her family not completely on board with her choice, I stepped in to help Maria see that this is her time and she needed to be herself on her wedding day.

After the complete “head to hem” makeover, Maria’s entire family came around and agreed that she made the right choice.  Feeling confident, beautiful, and “YUMMAAAAY”, Maria was ready for her big day!


Cathedral length veil by Toni Federici.


I added a simple crystal belt detail on the gown to accentuate Maria’s figure and added sparkle to her bohemian look.


Using bronzer to give Maria a sun kissed look, Raychel added pink tones on the lips and cheeks to complete the look. The addition of a crystal headband was perfect to help achieve Maria’s bohemian look.



Lindsay gave Maria’s hair a unique look by weaving curls, braids, and a crystal headband into a beautiful up-do.


Crystal headpiece by Maria Elena.


I chose delicate earrings (Bonsai) by Thomas Knoell that complimented the headband.


Maria’s bouquet.

IMG_2056 2

My sketch for Maria’s bridal blueprint.




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