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Ever since Carrie got married in blue Manolo Blahnik’s on Sex in the City, shoes have become a more important accessory for brides.  BUT COWBOY BOOTS?  Heather wanted to wear her favorite pair of chocolate cowboy boots on her wedding day and she wanted a dress to coordinate and show them off.  Heather had already found a gown she loved, but could not make the purchase without her father’s approval.  She gave up hope of finding it in Houston and came to Randy to the Rescue in Dallas for help finding something she loved just as much.

With an entourage of a mother who wants her in lace, a fiancé’ who wants her in a ball gown, and a father who sees her in a turtleneck and long sleeves, Heather will need to make sure her opinion is heard above all of theirs.

The first couple of gowns did not wow the entourage, so I put Heather in this tulle ball gown with dramatic bow accent from Tara Keely.  When she came out of the dressing room glowing and her entourage started to tear up, I knew that this was her dress.  When I told her that the bow color could be changed to match her cowboy boots, Heather said “Yes” to the dress.

My original sketch for Heather’s Bridal Blueprint, chocolate bow and cowboy boots included!

Lesley chose a natural color palette letting Heather’s beautiful skin shine through. Earrings by Thomas Knoell draw attention to Heather’s beautiful face and neck. The earrings are made with both clear crystals and what Thomas calls “shadow stones”. They are a light amber colored Swarovski crystal that paired perfectly with Heather’s golden hair and chocolate bow and boots.

Paul swept Heather’s hair into a sculptural bun of curls adding Thomas Knoell crystal Orchid hair sticks for drama and sparkle. Toni Federici’s Pageant veil was placed under the bun to naturally flow behind the bride.

I added this Thomas Knoell bracelet to the custom chocolate bow on Heather’s gown to add even more sparkle to her overall “head to hem” look.








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