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Being a 39 year old bride, Erika felt like she needed to be understated, but didn’t want her experience of shopping for a wedding gown to be any less important.  Having once been an NFL cheerleader, Erika said that since the birth of her son two years ago, she now only sees the body she no longer has. Fearing what she will see when she tries on dresses, Erika felt she needed a loving and supportive atmosphere, and came to Randy to the Rescue in hopes that I could provide that.

Erika may not have the same body she had as a cheerleader, but she is still a beautiful woman with an incredible figure.  I wanted to find a gown that would show Erika the beautiful woman she is today.

This lace Jim Hjelm gown was the perfect classic understatement that Erika was looking for.

Erica wanted her makeup more dramatic than her everyday look, so Lesley amped up Erica’s look but used a soft palette so that her natural glow would shine through. Paul pulled the hair back to open up Erika’s face.

My sketch for Erika’s Bridal Blueprint.

A flower headpiece by Erin Cole paired with a veil by Toni Federici helped to create Erika’s final “Head to Hem” look.

I added Cheryl King Couture’s “Zinfandel” belt around the waist of Erika’s gown to add softness and sparkle, and it coordinated perfectly with her headpiece.

Classic drop crystal and pearl earrings from Cheryl King were the perfect finishing touch.

Erika’s bouquet in a pop of yellows.




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