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Abena came to Randy to the Rescue with a long wish list, she wanted something modern, edgy, elegant, classy, and something that would simply “blow people away”!  Oh, and she wanted something light and “receptionally functional” for her to dance in.  Against her mother’s wishes, Abena also desired a short gown that would show off her great legs.

She had already been to three local salons without luck, and the frustration of finding nothing was beginning to break her heart.  And with a very vocal entourage of self-proclaimed experts, it was my job to make sure Abena’s voice was heard and to find her the dress that would meet all of her criteria and make her feel beautiful.

This cream colored Augusta Jones gown (Arabella) did just that.  It gave Abena’s mom the long elegant and classy gown she always wanted her daughter to wear for her wedding, but also gave that modern, edgy feel that Abena desired.  With the addition of some great accessories and a beautiful chapel length veil (Pageant) by Toni Federici, Abena’s “head to hem” look was complete.

My vision of Abena for her wedding day sketched out in her Bridal Blueprint.

Paul wanted to give Abena a soft flowing hairstyle that complimented the bottom of her gown. Pulling one side back also opened up her face. Leslie played up Abena’s beautiful skin tones with accents of pinks and corals like a Trinidadian sunset. Thomas Knoell chandelier earrings added sparkle to match her sparkling eyes and dazzling smile.

Paul used a stunning Margaret Rowe hair comb to sweep the hair back on one side and add a focal point to the hair.

A bouquet of pink, coral, and orange played off of Abena’s makeup completed the look.










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